Lose Weight To Reduce Back Pain

There are many kinds of disease that are plaguing modern people. Pains are most common among them. Due to the life we lead, most of us suffer from pain. Back pain is one of the most common problems from which people are suffering. There are various reasons for back pain. Excessive weight, lack of physical activity, wrong postures and sleeping positions are giving our back a troubled time. Especially, persons who work by sitting for long hours are facing the worst problem as most of us fail to hold the correct position of sitting.But there is good news. Chiropractic therapy is there to give relief to people suffering from back pain. It has been proven that chiropractic care is successful in back pain treatment; it can reduce pain and help in healing faster. One thing that is the cause of most problems is obesity or being overweight. Our lifestyle especially food habit and lack of physical exercise is the main cause of obesity. Doctors insist on losing weight and get fitter to avoid health problems. The problem of back pain is also related to our weight. Along with chiropractic therapy, we should reduce our body weight to enjoy full benefit of the therapy. 

Weight loss helps in reducing back pain:

When a person has a few kilos than normal in his body, the spinal cord has to bear this weight resulting in back pain. The pain subsides as the person loses weight because the weight gets off from the spine. The alignment of the spine by the chiropractor North Ryde can work to its full potential to give relief from back pain. Thus experts suggest weight loss program to enjoy full benefit of the treatment.

Improvement in spinal health:

Exercise not only helps in weight loss but also strengthen the core muscles which help to distribute the body weight properly throughout the spine. This gives our spine some relief from carrying excessive weight. Chiropractic therapy helps to maintain good posture and thus helps in reducing back pain.

Relation between back pain and being overweight:

Obesity becomes an obstacle in the way of physical activity. For overweight people it is really hard to carry their weight around and thus they start avoiding activities and even exercises. Our core muscles do not remain strong enough due to excessive weight. Strong core shares the burden of the back and gives it relief. We feel less pain which benefit obese people cannot enjoy. The spinal cord has to carry more weight and the pain plagues. Thus it is really necessary to shed few kilos to stay healthy.