What’s Your New Year Resolution For 2017?

Yes, it is almost time that we sat down, looked back at the past year which flew across our lives and start making plans for the next. It has been a busy year, a terrific year, with lots of things happening and a few unbelievable events took place as well. 2016 saw yet another Olympic, a hilarious presidential campaign, and a year that Lindsay Lohan didn’t get arrested. We saw the drama that went down with Bieber and Seleena, so we can call it quite a year. So, what are your big plans for 2017? 

Losing weight? Is it yet another year that you write down ‘lose weight’ as your New Year resolution and scratch it off the list by mid-March because you couldn’t take any more of your intense gym workout? Or is it because your life got so busy and you had time left for gym? Did you eat tacos instead of salad? Well, you can change it this year by cutting off the amount of work you do to lose weight. Let me tell you, the hours you spend at the gym is almost gone to waste if you don’t eat right. When I say eat right, fifty to sixty percent of it comprises of drinking right. Yes, drinking! You need enough water in your body for your metabolism to work efficiently and to flush out your toxins. Detoxing your body is as important as eating right and working out.Alkaline water filter helps you do that. You can try out vegetable detoxing or fruit detoxing as well. So if losing weight is your New Year resolution, don’t forget it comes with liters and liters of water!
Furnish the house? Are you tired of seeing the same set of sofas, the same dining table, the same pots and pans, the same everything? Yeah, me too. Getting your hands on a decent set of sofas or even kitchen-wear can be quite difficult. First, get rid of all the unwanted things in the house. Try to sell them to a thrift shop or a second hand item collector. Then, checkup online or go to garage sales than trying the fancy shops. You might be able to get a set of chairs or even an acidic water filter or a set of cutlery for a handsome price! Go right here if you are looking for an acidic water filter.
Change jobs?
Why not? If you feel like you have given your current occupation everything you have or if you feel like your job is too monotonous, then change! You don’t always have to work for a firm in the field you worked in before. Try out different jobs, get crazy when it comes to selection, get up, dress up and go for interviews. Try different places. If one doesn’t work for you, try the next. Just don’t stay stuck in a place where you regret having to spend another year in.